Are you person being employed at particular office or an employer hiring people as your employee’s? Both owner and employee at a business place needs pay slip.

Salary slip is a sheet of paper or document showing amount of money which is given to employee at the end of month due to work he is doing at the office.

Template for employees is therefore software in the computer which keeps track of the salary given to employees. It is therefore fundamental for both employees and owner to keep record of it and format of salary slip differs in different kinds of businesses.

Specification of Wage Slips

  • It provided all information regarding salary of a person.
  • The amount of basic salary as well as overtime hour rate and bonuses given to employee is shown on slips.
  • Deductions in salary due to late arrival at the office or leaves can be seen on pay slips.



  • Position therefore rank of employee in the business place can be seen through slip.
  • It acts as a proof that the salary is paid to employee on date.
  • It prevents cheating and fights between owner and worker later.

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Employee Payroll Software

Microsoft Word Template for Salary Slips

It is very important business document as it acts as an evidence for both employee and employer that employee have received the money for the job he has done. It is also important for employee if he wants to apply for loan in bank for different purposes or if he wants to buy automobile on installments from a bank.

A basic salary slip sample in Microsoft word consists of company name on the top. Worker name and position in the company should also be mentioned on top as well as the month and date. A table provides information related to earnings as well as deductions therefore exact figure as net salary at the end. It is signed by employee to provide evidence to both parties later.

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