Prime duty of employees in the business place is to achieve his tasks and objectives in given time span. Employee absence is a trait which is demoralized by owners. Certain strategies and employee attendance tracking templates are therefore used in industries to reduce this problem among employees.

Imagine yourself as a person receiving your salary and you noticed a part of salary is being deducted due to leaves and non punctuality from you. Punctuality and regularity is a characteristic of person which drives him towards success. It is admiring quality of person at workplace by his co workers.


Employee Absence in Workplace

  • It increases workload on other employees.
  • If work is planned to be done by five employees it will be distributed in four employees who affects their efficiency.
  • Result of absent can be a negative attitude from employees.
  • If a worker possessing skill for certain job become absent from workplace it may causes hindrance in production cycle.
  • Lack of any expertise worker results in hiring another one in his place which cause for expense to a business.
  • Resource allocation for a project is disturbed.
  • Absence of employee from certain job means time theft.
  • Leaves can be problematic when they exceed the limit.
  • To organize and manage employees is a prime need of company. Absence disrupts managing process in business.

Format of Employee Absence Tracker:

  • Employee absence tracking template helps in tracking time allocation of employees for certain job.
  • In case of less time given to specific job by employee reason must be asked.
  • It helps in calculating and outlining time theft problem in business.
  • Loopholes which encourage absent behavior in employees can be identified and solved.
  • In case of leaves taken proper reason can be monitored from template.
  • This helps in understanding employee behavior towards work.
  • If a problem can be fixed it increases work morale and motivation among employee towards the business.
  • Less turnover of labor is ensured as it highlights issues and solution for them.
  • It reduces expense of business as training is offered to workers and in case of less labor turnover this cost is minimized.
  • More efficient will be the work processes.
  • It ensures project completion before due date.

Employee Attendance Sheet:

Attendance Sheet For Students Attendance Sheet For Employee
student Attendance Sheet emplyee Attendance Sheet

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Grab your copy in xlsx format:

It clearly shows vacations and leaves taken by employees therefore their salary is calculated on this basis. It helps in easy calculation as updating information on template is easy due to user friendly nature of Microsoft excel. More time is saved which can be avail on another job. Reasons of leaves can also be viewed.

Employee absence tracking template also beneficial as it is available to employees therefore they can also monitor their working days and leaves. It is more reliable for employees as they feel more secure using it and it provides most updated information to them.

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