Have you ever wondered how project supervisors distribute tasks and goals of project to their team to fortify completion of project with quality work? It is also a task of project manager to ensure less cost to be endured on project which can be possible with effective leading and understanding of project.

Different types of software’s are available to project managers online for this role however main feature of all these software’s is Gantt chart. It is a very useful bar diagram which reflects deadline of project as well as due date set for individual jobs and tasks of project. Its Template highlights project tasks and termination dates.

Advantages of Gantt Chart Template

  • If project complete after deadline there is no benefit in fact it is very dangerous for financial health of business.
  • Gantt charts are very useful in tracking tasks given to team members.
  • Completion of goals on time and before time is appreciated by manager.
  • In case of non achievement of milestone it is dangerous therefore it should be monitored by project head.
Excel Gantt Chart Template
Excel Gantt Chart Template
  • It helps in showing any issues faced by team therefore finding a solution for them before it’s too late.
  • it keeps the all the users who are monitoring and evaluating performance updated through graphical visualization.
  • It helps in making more fruitful decisions when all the users are on the same page.
  • Allocation of resources like raw material availability and labor hours is necessary for efficient completion of project.
  • It helps in predicting project future.

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Raci Matrix Chart

Format of Microsoft Excel for Gantt Chart

Gantt charts are considered as fundamental tool for project management therefore it is a feature of much project management software. It is graphical overview about project tasks and timelines set for it.

Tasks are showed by individual lines. It helps in making comparison between jobs and time allotted for each specific job. It needs to be updated on regular basis to provide useful information about project.

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