Making accurate cost estimates regarding expense which is going to be incurred during specific project is helpful as project involves making expenses on various places like raw material, labor and some uncommon places. Job cards are prepared for customers by the company who has asked for particular service from the company. Its template provides exact and useful information regarding expenses on labor and material.

To make the business survive in difficult and competitive world proper estimation is helpful. Resources which are required to accomplish a specific project must be outlines first and then the cost estimated on these resources is more accurate and precise.

Material Cost Estimator Job Card Template


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  • To ensure financial stability of company job cards are required to calculate actual cost incurred.
  • Templates for cost estimation regarding material are carried out to show expense made on material.
  • During certain project a company wants to calculate profit earned which is possible if these job cards are used.
  • Expenses made on individual basis are recorded and calculated.
  • Job cards are prepared in different types of companies like construction companies, product production companies and also in service providing companies.

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  • Labor is one of the main expense bear by a company.
  • Skilled labor for specific job means more efficient and error free working.
  • When working on a particular project company make proper estimate regarding cost which will be incurred when paying out labor.
  • This card is sent by company to customer who has asked for particular type of job or service.
  • Customer becomes aware of the expense and also the expense amount used on particular job.
  • It is also helpful to customer in way when he is budgeting for new jobs.

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Computer Repair Job Card Engineering Job card  Repair Job Card

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Format of Labor And Material Job Card Template

Job card is one of the most useful and important document for customer. It helps in building customer trust and confidence on company which ensure more jobs from him in the future. To make it cost effective and useful it is prepared in Microsoft excel. The table is usually divided into two main parts one showing expenses incurred on labor while other focus towards material.

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It shows the basic information of company and also the department which is being involved in carrying out a certain job. Material labor card shows expenses estimated for a particular job. Units of specific material required as well as unit cost therefore calculating total cost on specific material can be calculated easily. Same is the case with labor however calculation is made on labor per hour charges. It acts as record keeping document for the company.

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