Imagine yourself as a manager in an organization or in a company dealing with multiple contracts at a time and you as a manager has core responsibility of over viewing the project highlighting strengths and figuring out threats for project.

Dealing with multiple projects is a confusing and tough stage for a person. He therefore needs a status reporting accurately about project that how it is budgeted and planned and how it is actually working. Its template excel will therefore shows a complete flow of project cycle and tasks.

Creating Project Status Report in Excel

This process involves some steps and working according to them ensures a effective report in the end.

Project Details

  • The first stage includes gathering information and detail regarding a project.
  • It consists of project name and title and the project head.
  • Project date should also be there.

Project Status Report Template

  • The date on which report is created should be mentioned so that project manager or other user has a idea of project completion at that date.
  • The project details should be precise and in bullets to save maximum time and generate as much information as possible.

Reviewing Milestones

Milestones are basically time set for small tasks. A good report must outline parameters and milestones for project tasks. It should be shown that tasks are completed on time as budgeted which means project is going as it is budgeted. In case of delays in work completion or non completion of work it should also be highlighted. Using colors is a good idea.

Summarizing Project and Hindrance Factors

A report therefore is generated which shows division of final objective into tasks achievable by workers as well as setting time limit for them. Completion of these tasks and milestone on time means success of business. At this stage issues and limiting factors must be identified to prevent any stop in production cycle later. Solution of these problems can be made available by managers or senior management.

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