Imagine yourself in a situation when your boss has given you the responsibility of outlining opportunities and threats to project through a report. Project handling and its completion is critical process without any planning.

Project Status is basically a duty of project manager therefore he needs to understand his responsibilities regarding project fully. It is best opportunity to track work performance of project. Template Excel is consisting of information to show senior management the present stage of project as well as highlighting the issues and problems facing in project cycle.

Benefits of Project Status Report

  • It provides a consistent table for team members and management of company.
  • It acts as a platform which provides guidance to team members how to carry out tasks.
  • Priorities can be set on tasks.
  • It helps in process of discussions as well as outlining hindrance and limiting factors.

Process of Creating Project Status Report

Outlining Brief Information

  • It is a key responsibility of managers to keep sight on overall health of project.
  • They need to outline hindrance factors.
  • Milestones should be set to monitor performance of team members.
  • It also helps in evaluating stage of project whether it going according to the plan or left behind.
  • Limiting factors as well as issues to project should be identified to keep project in a working cycle.
  • Time is very necessary to be followed to complete project on time.
  • Relevant information should be added to aid in decision making.
  • Small amount of data in bullet or numbering form or specifically in bold is helpful in this regard.

Relevant Information Regarding Project

  • Some concise information will be helpful.
  • Project name and number in case of multiple projects should be mentioned.
  • Outlined issues should be highlighted.
  • Milestone and due date for them should be mentioned.
  • Deadline of project date should be available.

Resolving Issues

  • Issues are dangerous for health of project therefore they should be identified in a serious manner.
  • Managers have less time therefore they quickly want to be aware of issue and to find a solution for it.
  • Issue name and type should be identified.
  • The department facing issue and the date when it arises should be mentioned to solve it quickly to prevent stoppage in production cycle.
  • In case of specific person or group facing issue must also be mentioned.

Results from Status Reports

Reports are handled to managers or senior management. The basic purpose is to monitor health and stage of project. The effective reports are successful in solving certain issues and outlining solution of problems which are likely to occur in future. The more useful the reports most less time are generated by management to understand it.

Microsoft Excel for Project Status Report

Reports regarding specific project must be coherent with previously created reports. Therefore excel acts excellent for this job as well as can be edited according to the choice.

The report should consist of business language. It will be more professional as well as it will be understandable for both managers and anyone else using it. Information should be precise as well as in flow.

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