If you are running a real estate business click here for real estate brokerage receipts which are created in word using different formats for you. Rental receipt and payment receipt format can also be observed here. Have you ever try to think for a moment why these types of receipts are required to formulate by real estate and why a person is looking for these receipts? The answer is quite simple as they are used to calculate commission amount.

When you are taking a specific property on rent for residential or commercial purpose you are required to give specific amount to real estate dealer in the form of commission which is usually dependent on the rental amount charged to you when you have selected the specific property for rent.

Rent receipt template


Get free commercial or house rent receipt

  • Format : xls 2007 and above
  • Author : John Mathew

Format of real estate brokerage Commission receipt

The table is inserted as well as following information in the receipt:

  • Receipt number
  • Date
  • Advance provider
  • Advance receipt
  • Property
  • Commission rate
  • Company name
  • Agent
  • Property
  • Address
  • Phone number and email address
  • Sales price
  • Conditions for advance amount paid

Sample Real estate brokerage commission fee slip

Example 1:

real estate broker commission

Rent receipt format in word

If you are taking some property on the rent a rent receipt is given to you by landlord at the end of month when you are paying a fixed amount to landlord in the form of rent mentioned on the rental agreement as well as the terms and conditions about the advance and security desposits made by you when you are shifting in the rental building.

Brokerage Commission e receipt format in word

Whether you are taking a property on rent or whether you are buying out a specific property you are required to pay a specific amount to the real estate agent involved in the transaction and deal made between two parties therefore real estate brokerage receipts of multiple formats are added here for you.

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