Are you a stakeholder of a company or a project manager? Both of these positions need work breakdown structure to view the work and ensure its completion. Work breakdown structure is actually breaking the tasks and objective into smaller works which can be done and achieve after a particular time of work ensuring completion of project on time.

Microsoft project planning is software in which work breakdown structure is recorded in smaller components of work. it is therefore a need of project manager or a person a high post to as who requires it for financial benefit of the company.

Importance of Work Breakdown Structure

  • It divided project tasks in smaller components to be achieved by project team.
  • It is helpful for project manager as to check whether team members are working according to the plan.
  • Completion of project before time is necessary therefore project head can asses whether project is going in accordance with time or a change of procedure is needed.
  • It’s important for estimating cost and limiting factors and therefore the solution before time.

Microsoft Project for Work Breakdown Structure

Before making it in Microsoft project a final objective must be outlined that is project completion and the other tasks given preference. The final components of main objective will then be outlined. The components should be followed in a way to achieve the final goal and the persons working on them.

These final components will then be divided further into more basic components and activities which can be observed and monitored by project manager to evaluate whether work is according to the plan and the working is in such a way to complete objectives.

This type of work breakdown structure is basically towards down that is main objective on the top and dividing it into hierarchy ending in basic activities. Completion of these activities shows achieving main objective in the end.

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