Institute of project management has various project management courses to help out organizations and companies by understanding requirements of market these days. PMP certification courses for project management are also added here which can be viewed and online assistance can be taken here. Various courses are offered which ensure specialization of person in particular field, therefore eligibility of courses are also different, which can be check before starting preparation for it.

Organization in companies are dependent on project leaders as they are person who are responsible for the projects and to overcome obstacles they are required to be expert enough to handle constraints and manage each task professionally, without disturbing other ongoing projects.

Project management courses outline

  • Project management foundation is initiation of the course and come in week one and elements of management review are included in the course.
  • Quiz is part of each course and week, to check the grip of the student on the particular topic and ensure he is good enough to sit in the exam.
  • Work breakdown structure is included in the second week, which is very important to make project successful.
  • Importance of project leadership and team work holds come in the fourth week, however its importance can be denied as role of team work in achieving the objectives cannot be denied.

project mngment certification

Project management courses

  • CPM
  • PDM
  • PERT
  • GERT
  • Q-GERT
  • SLAM
  • DPM
  • Resource loading

Institute of project management

Although the courses are offered worldwide, still some countries are specifically having institutions to help- out the students by offering day and night courses like in institute in Ireland. You are able to visit the website and check the content and course outline of the specific course, before enrolling your name into it. Project management courses offer numerous unique benefits which are also listed here.


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