The cost benefit analysis is a financial analysis performed to understand the financial stability of a business. It is a vital tool for a business feasibility kit and commonly known as CBA. Conducting the feasibility analysis for decision making is important in businesses. Even investors and project managers look intoContinue Reading


“Nonprofit Chart of account template” is used by a nonprofit organization, management and is a list of the accounts which are organized in the general record with an account code appropriate to each account. The nonprofit chart of accounts is regulated across the nonprofit part. This regulation is familiar asContinue Reading

Easily book your required medical products by using online booking forms, which are created using word templates, to help both clients and companies. Event planner request form is another useful addition here, as you can estimate the cost of your events through forms and select your desired venue as well.Continue Reading

Enhance your project management skills and move smarter with PMI PMO templates for the project plan! So, Plan each section of your project carefully and get the desired results with ready-to-go Excel templates! Looking for the easiest way to make changes in your project plan, go with premium quality excelContinue Reading

Imagine yourself as an owner of a departmental store or storekeeper in a business? Mostly all types of product-related business earn profit through selling inventory in the finished form. Food Stocktake is actually assessing the availability of stock at a display unit. Food Stocktake Template is, therefore, a table providingContinue Reading

Conference Room Scheduling process adopts, to ensure the meeting room is available when it requires. Time management is an asset in business as a potential use. Therefore it drives business in the right direction. So “conference room schedule template excel” helps to ensure, precise timings slots between two meetings on theContinue Reading

For success and development of business projects given to business must be completed on time which helps in maximizing profit generation for business as well as earning good fame for business which helps in getting more projects later in field of competitors. Project Status helps in process of improving communicationContinue Reading

Are you tire of manual things to do? here is “auto generate” and easy to manage “salary slip”. Which is an important document especially for HR department. Just just need to know about basic structure & “salary slip format in excel“. They struggle with work and tasks assigned to themContinue Reading