Do you want your business to work perfectly without any loopholes? Gap analysis is now used by all kinds of industries and businesses to check their work as well as to identify faults. Gap analysis is defined as steps and process to check whether the objectives budgeted is completed withinContinue Reading

Are you a person being in charge at ecosystem center or a manager or director at bank? Gap analysis is used by all sorts of businesses and financial organizations nowadays. Gap analysis is a process of measuring difference between budgeted performance and actual performance. It is a process which outlinesContinue Reading

Imagine a person running a large scale organization or is a manager of multiple projects at time he therefore needs enterprise resource planning software. This term has large meaning containing in it. Enterprise as the name defines is a business or organization. Resource planning can be described as making aContinue Reading

Are you a project manager or stakeholder among the board of directors? Earned value is basically financial advantage earn by a business or by a person. Management software is steps involved in measuring this value. Earned value management software in combined form is actually a process and steps involved inContinue Reading