Are you a person who is left with empty pockets at the end of month and you have an idea where the money you have spent? Expense Tracking nowadays is very difficult as everything is costly and at the end of day you cannot memorize all the things where you have spent the money. Different types of application of android are available online for this purpose.

Money Management therefore is keeping exact record of the information that where you have spent the money and how much money you have spent. if a person wants to get rid of any loans and desires to save a little amount he need to keep a proper record of his expenses.

Expense Tracking Android App

Different types of applications are now available in smart phones as well as tablets so that person can keep tracking his expenses however the one most popular among the users is andro money expense tracker. It serves as a calculator and table at same time showing categories of expenses you have made and the amount on each category.


Features of Android Money

  • It is a good choice due to its cost effectiveness as it is free and can be used by anyone.
  • It does not only deals with simple expenses it can handle the person account as well.
  • It is categorized in expense income and transfer handling all these calculations perfectly.

It is beneficial for the person doing job also as it can handle the multiple accounts as well keeping the amounts separate in personal and job account. Transfers and payments can also be done using this wonderful app. Other features include checking currency rates which can be beneficial for some business users as well and to make decisions on time.

A person travelling at different location may find it difficult to keep track of expenses he has made and he needs to give details of his expenses to company later at this situation again android money will be of great use. It can show you your payments and transactions history which you might need at some time to assess your savings.

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