Making comparison in the business place helps in decision making process. Assessing performance of employees as well as determining working capability of production department is useful practice carried out by someone in the senior management. Client visiting has a clear impact on the performance of the company therefore it is important to track each visitor coming to the business place. A report consisting of information regarding clients can be created in Microsoft excel template.

Healthcare bodies and dental clinics are earning revenue from patients visiting them. A firm is usually visited by clients for different purposes however a owner is impossible to track each customer coming in the business place therefore having a sheet which shows all the information about clients visiting is prepared.

Client visit tracking report

Format of client visit tracking report template

Considering the fact that consultancy and service providing firms are required to keep track of clients visiting the office as it is required by these businesses to earn money to carry out expenses effectively. To use client’s information effectively a template following this format must be created:

  • A sheet must be outlined with the heading “client visiting report”.
  • First column must hold the names of clients visiting the clinic.
  • Time- in and time-out of specific customer can be observed.
  • Reason of the visit can be determined.
  • Client contact information must be mentioned in the template.

Purpose of client visit tracking template report

It is important to determine the reason of visit so that they can be tracked after some time. Clients coming to a clinic and taking initial treatment can be tracked if they are not present on the second visit. Meetings and conferences can be carried out efficiently by ensuring everyone is available in the meeting room. Free time can be consumed somewhere else. Agent performance can be evaluated.

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