Conference Room Scheduling process adopts, to ensure the meeting room is available when it requires. Time management is an asset in business as a potential use.

Therefore it drives business in the right direction. So “conference room schedule template excel” helps to ensure, precise timings slots between two meetings on the same date and same venue.

Have you ever come across a situation attending a meeting and after that using a comment “meeting has just wasted my time” or if someone else is asking you what the meeting is about and you are unaware of the purpose of the meeting? Effective meetings play a crucial role in the success of a business.

Meeting Room Scheduling Template Format

Certain steps ensure an effective meeting. They must include the following features:

Purpose of the Conference:

  1. The meeting process without an idea of what it is about is just useless and ends up in nothing.
  2. The proper goals and objectives of the meeting should be there to plan a meeting according to that.
  3. It should be decided whether a meeting is about to discuss ideas or solving issued faced by the team.
  4. To make productive use of the conference its objective should be clear in the mind of calling it.


  1. A business consists of a large number of employees involved in different jobs.
  2. After identifying the objective of meeting participants must decide.
  3. The person who directly in the process or indirectly affecting the work process.
  4. In the case of calling the meeting for the specific project team, so that they can discuss issues face for specific projects.
  5. However, people who have no need for participation must avoid it.

Setting Priorities

  1. Sometimes many issues need to be discussed in the meeting, therefore all of them take into account in a clear manner.
  2. Priorities must be set in a sequence with more important issues need to be discussed first.
  3. Colors can use to set out priorities.
  4. Time allocation for each issue must set.

Content for Discussion

  1. Each topic needs to discuss in the meeting must mention individually.
  2. This helps in grabbing the attention of people.
  3. Agenda must set, as well as time allots for each topic must mention.

Time Tracking

  1. To use effective use of time it must ensure that no time is wasted in this process.
  2. Punctuality must follow by all participants as well as a manager.
  3. As responsible managers, it is a trait to be punctual to complete the meeting on time.

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Format of Microsoft Excel Template for Meeting Room Scheduling

It is prepare in a manner which ensures most effective use of conference room. Hence it helps in avoiding problems like overbooking where excessive time is wasted.

Makes the management process better. A basic template shows individual columns for conference rooms if they are more in number.

Dates and time allocation set on a daily basis. Time allocation is in one hour as there are also the needs for smaller meetings in a business place.

It ensures the participation of all people who come for a meeting. An individual sheet with meeting objectives can also send to participants to ensure their presence in the meeting room.


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