Dashboard is an important and powerful performance measurement tool which provides an overview about a project or about specific business goal and tasks.

Dashboard Reporting Software consists of data from specific department of company focusing limitedly on specific goal or focusing on whole of the organization.

Certain queries raised in minds of senior management regarding position of company as well as factors which need to be focused on to generate more profit for company therefore they need a visual display regarding that specific factor to make master plans and effective decisions.

Types of Dashbord Reporting Software

Strategic Dashboard

It is the dashboard which is useful for senior management mainly including board of members as well as stake holders of company. However project managers and budget managers can also use it some time. These types of dashboards provide information relating to opportunities and strengths of company in the market. It does not contain any unnecessary information and can be used for identifying threats also therefore it is also used for future analysis.
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Analytical Dashboards

Dashboards reporting spreadsheet consist of most detailed information regarding specific cause. It consists of information ranging from monthly to yearly. It is useful as it helps in management making effective budgets as the dashboard shows the trends in relation with time and different opportunities in the market.

Operational Dashboards

These are most basic types of dashboards as they contain information relating to day to day operations and mention changes in case of any faults. They should be modified and updated regularly to show any potential problem and therefore its solution. They provide quick sight about the problem and its solution.

Microsoft Excel Template as Dashboard Software

Dashboards can be made on excel is much more feasible as they can be easily updated and can be easily understandable for it users. All the visuals are formed in one line in form of bar chart.

The template should be updated regularly so that effective decisions can be made. Usage of various colors for different performance indicators will make it easier to understand for the users.

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