If you are looking for better scheduling try pert charts incorporated here for the projects created using excel templates. Gantt chart templates and pert CPM charts are also inserted here with the purpose of helping project managers and keeping effective focus on the each stage of the project. A professional project manager is well aware of the fact that he is requiring to focus on each individual stage of the project having a control over operations.

Once you have exact and enough detail about the resources available you can distribute them by realizing the nature of the jobs whether they are interrelated or dependent on other jobs or while they are independent jobs increasing efficiency of the operations and saving labor time. If you can reduce the inefficiency you are saving the resources.

Format of Pert Chart Template:

  • A excel template holding 8 columns is commonly suitable for the businesses.
  • The initial columns are topped up with headings critical path tasks and user supplied estimates.
  • The rest of the columns are added up with pert expected duration, standard deviation and variance.
  • You can therefore enter desired completion time and probability of completion.
  • Colors are used for the column pert expected duration.

How to Make Pert Chart Using Excel Database

User supplied estimates are divided in columns like optimistic, typical or pessimistic. Sum of the standard deviation is easily measurable and sum formula can be used for the column highlighting cells. Variance can be identified using pert chart template added here frequently for helping out project leaders.
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Follow the procedure to create your own pert chart template:

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5:

Get Sample of Pert Chart PowerPoint:


Website reference: Link

Direct Download: File ppt size 336 kb: Link

If you are outlining the schedule this template ensures workers are following the schedule and in case of exception they can be detected. Critical path tasks entered in the template are mark utilities, dig hotels, plant trees and install edging. This is helpful as in case of missing out any process while scheduling can now be added in the template.

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