RACI Matrix helps in outlining tasks and responsibilities of different employees in business and their role in specific job. It is important to define job of each team member in the project. a RACI Template mention jobs and duties of individuals in project cycle.

Have you ever wondered how business track and manage tasks given to people on different designations in office? Internal control is mechanism adopted by business to stand on the top rank in the market among list of competitors. It reduces loopholes in the business place ensuring more balance in the work processes.

Purpose of RACI Matrix Template:

  • It helps in identifying people who are responsible for specific job in project under the term of responsible.
  • Managers can identify these peoples and in case of any problem from work produce by them he can associate them without involving anyone else.

  • It also outlines people accountable for goals. They are mainly people who pass the work of others therefore they are considered accountable for job.
  • It helps in preventing any confusing situation in office. When people are completely aware of their jobs they can perform them.
  • Consulted people under the term of RACI shows people who must be consulted in case of any confusion or issue faced by workers.
  • It highlights employees who must be made inform about latest happenings in the project cycle or changes in the work processes.
  • As a result clear understanding of jobs can be made by senior management.

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Benefits of RACI Template

  • One of the major advantages of using RACI chart is that it reduces communication gap which is necessary for successful running of business.
  • Management can make better decisions which prove to be more productive for the business.
  • A project manager can ensure equal responsibilities divided among team members which reduces claim by any employ that he is performing more work than other.
  • Performance evaluation process can be made better as he can access whether job allotted to certain individual is done or not.
  • It saves time by avoiding duplication of task by multiple employees.
  • It makes the management process better therefore in case of good performance of work by certain employees they can be rewarded in form on bonus or gift voucher.
  • Workers responsible for non achievement of milestone can be identified.
  • It avoids development of misunderstandings.

Format of Microsoft Excel Template for RACI Matrix

Implementation of RACI matrix in the organization ensures more internal control over processes and employees. A successful RACI template is created by identifying main objective of the project as well as sub-tasks from main objective. They must be mention of template to ensure their completion. People responsible, accountable, consulted or informed for these jobs can be viewed by columns showing them.

People responsible for tasks must be clearly mentioned so that they can be contacted if required. However it must be ensured that one team member must be accountable for any task which reduces risk of any dispute problem later. Stake holders can be indulged in process of creating RACI template which results in more effective template. It helps in building confidence and trust of team members ensuring their more motivation towards work.

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