Employee Attendance Sheet Template

Inspiring others at the job is a wish of every individual however not only for employees it is equally crucial for owners to maintain punctuality in workers. Employee Attendance Sheet is therefore prepared in businesses to keep track of starting work and departure from work of employees. This template can be prepared in Microsoft Excel any version available would be fine. Managers can gain benefit as he can select his team members by examining attitude of certain employ. Employees will be more punctual due to fear of salary deductions on late arrival. Employees will be more efficient trying to complete work faster as they are aware of the fact that they are being monitored.

Specification of Attendance Template for Student

  • Institutions have prime responsibility of hiring teachers who are excellent in delivering knowledge to students.
  • Absents from teachers increase ratio of absents from students as well.
  • It reduces discipline in the institutions.
  • Salient feature of good learning and therefore good outcomes from students can be improved from punctuality.
  • Teachers are role model for students therefore they follow their attributes.
  • To encourage students present in the schools teachers should essentially be friendly towards them.

How to keep employee attendance record

Employee Attendance Sheet

Employee Attendance Sheet For Staff

  • Attendance from workers mean work is completed according to schedules.
  • Absence disrupts working schedules.
  • Punctuality from certain workers improves morale of work among other employees.
  • Attendance signifies the importance of punctuality.
  • It ensures employee working according to the plans.
  • Project schedules are specifically designed and milestones are set therefore in case of regularity from employees it ensures project completion on time.
  • In case of absence from workers it increases workload on other employees increasing stress level and therefore less output.
  • Punctuality in workplace means more profit for the business.

Employee & Student Attendance sheet

Attendance Sheet For StudentsAttendance Sheet For Employee
student Attendance Sheetemplyee Attendance Sheet

Benefits of Punctuality

  • It prevents time theft at the business.
  • Workers start work on time as schedules and complete it on time.
  • Proper time for brakes can be availed by them.
  • Increases chances of promotion in the job.
  • Increments and bonuses can be achieved.
  • It indicates the reliability of employees to the management.
  • Measuring work efficiency of workers is easy.
  • Jobs can be completed on time.
  • Productivity directly influences on the profit earning power of business it can be increased.

Download xls file – Employee attendance sheet

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Tracking and management of employees in the business place is difficult task as a company consists of number of employees. It is time consuming process to assign tasks to them and therefore time of starting work and leaving the job. It becomes costly when involving various individuals for this job.

Different software’s and templates are available online for this purpose offering different features however objective of all of them is same. One popular choice among them is Microsoft excel template as it is cost effective choice and can be adopted by any business. Time tracking can be easily monitored by using this template as it clearly indicated the specific activity of workers at any time during job.

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