Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software

Imagine a person running a large scale organization or is a manager of multiple projects at time he therefore needs enterprise resource planning software. This term has large meaning containing in it. Enterprise as the name defines is a business or organization. Resource planning can be described as making a plan on how to use resources.

Enterprise resource planning software is therefore a application made up of different soft ware’s which provide all information related to business and collection and maintaining of data from different departments and data collection from different sources like production process . It is therefore a complete management system needed by business.

Specifications of ERP:

Manager or a person at high post is able to see all the processes and production cycle in various departments of business.

  • It therefore provides full authority to manager to view the any detail in specific department.
  • It is beneficial as one type of system to provide and made reports in business is used therefore one can understand it fully understanding major to minor details.
  • Same type of working procedure is used in all departments.
  • Activities between departments can be viewed.
  • It helps in reducing errors as workers will be following the same working procedure becoming efficient at it.

  • It helps in project manager to complete project before time outlining strengths and weaknesses of business.
  • Meeting process is more beneficial as type of reporting is used in business.
  • To gain maximum advantage from ERP it should be followed in each department as well as at each stage of business.

Microsoft Excel Template as ERP

It is mostly preferable b most businesses and departments among business as it is completely structured and therefore easily understandable and manageable.

A basic template consists of company name on the top and then the title of project or for which research need to be carried out. Columns can be added if sample size is big and proper data must be entered. It can be thus useful as it is more organized now.


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