To make events innovative and more exciting for the guest’s event planner companies are gaining popularity and fame both in personal and business sector. Creative ideas used by professionals in these fields make event more happening. Event scheduling is however given preference to organize and manage all the events which are in the queue.

Planning is a process made easier by utilizing template and it reduces uncertainties in the working operations. Spreadsheets to help out event management companies can be prepared by Microsoft excel having different templates for the purpose.

To reduce pressure and stress on company when the burden of work is more these templates are truly helping easing out the planning process and make it certain that all the available resources are utilized in best possible manner.

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Event Scheduler Planner Spreadsheet

Format of Event Scheduler Planner Template

Dealing with multiple categories of events is not easy as events and parties planned for home are somehow different from parties and dinners required in business focusing on professional manner instead of entertainment. A template focusing on all these factors at same time can be build up in Microsoft excel spreadsheet.

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  • Company name is added up on the top of sheet.
  • It must show the title in form of “event management project tracker”.
  • Different columns are selected with headings project type, account manager, project manager, strategy manager and design specialist.
  • Project parameters and project details must also be mentioned in this template.

Purpose of Event Scheduler Planner Template

Event planning and event design can be prepared in creative manner. Communication process is improved which make spreading out the duties among the staff more effectively eliminating situations when resources are wastage due to under use.

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Costs can be planned for different areas like booking the hall, interior design, snacks items and recreation programs. Minor expenses made can also be observed.


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    Event Scheduler Planner Spreadsheet Template Excel

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