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Setting deadlines are common practice of project heads to ensure efficient completion of project and to achieve targets assigned to them from senior management. Often targets are given to team leaders in the contact center to enhance working capability of the agents in a team however making a task list helps in achieving these goals and to successfully fulfilling the targets set for them.

Free templates are available online in different software’s to help out businesses. Example of the templates available free can be seen in form of different samples online. To maintain organization in the working place and to avoid chaos or interruptions to-do lists and timetables are also scheduled out for project teams. Discipline enhances professionalism behavior to be practiced by employees.

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Task List Template

Format of Free Task List Template

Memorizing activities especially when multiple projects are being worked on is difficult however if a task list is prepared tracking activities is easy. It can easily be viewed which operations are under progress and which tasks are accomplished.

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Task List Template

  • A task list can be effectively prepared in Microsoft excel.
  • It must hold the deadline and “to be completed by” date.
  • First column must show the list of tasks given to a specific department or project manager.
  • The column with heading “% of completion” clearly indicates the status of job.
  • The columns with headings status, hours worked on, estimated start date and estimated end date is mentioned.
  • Other columns with headings actual start date and actual end date complete out the specific template.

Purpose of Task List Template

A task list prepared to project can be provided to team members so that they are well aware of the responsibilities they are having and it enhance confidence and devotion among them. Working morale of whole team can be made more productive. Tasks which require more effort and time can be viewed.

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