Money tracking can be made easier by making person responsible for the cash that is having a position of front desk in the organization. Front desk person is consider fundamental in all types of businesses however they are also usually required to keep the money secure which has taken from customers.

Cashiers are therefore person holding cash in safe places and are answerable for the cash they are receiving from customers. To maintain balance sheet and profit and loss account at the yearend it is important to prepare a spreadsheet template in Microsoft excel.

Cashiers are usually required in departmental stores however in small stores they are usually responsible for making invoices of items bought by customers and then receiving the cash while in super stores they are usually only responsible for taking cash from customers and keeping them secure.

Format of Cashier Balance Spreadsheet Template

To cover the cost of sales and services provided it is essential to track money to recognize cash inflow and cash outflow of the business cycle. It is also important to pay wages and salaries of employees on time therefore a spreadsheet is usually maintained in a following format:

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Cashier Balance Spreadsheet Template

  • Microsoft excel is considered functional for this purpose.
  • The sheet must highlight the purpose of preparing it. In this case it must consist of heading “cashier balance sheet”.
  • Name of the cashier preparing it and is responsible of it must be mentioned.
  • Signature of the cashier must be mentioned.
  • It shows the date when it is prepared as well as the balance.

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Benefits of Cahier Balance Spreadsheet

A business consisting of multiple counters and cashiers required exact information therefore they view this sheet to track cash inflow in the business.

Sales made can be matched with cash therefore it is easy to detect theft problems. Right actions can be taken quickly. Usually some cash is provided to cashiers at the start of day therefore it can be add up in accounts.

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