Imagine yourself in a place where you desire to measure factors which can cause success of a business therefore you can do it with help of KPI. KPI stands for key performance indicator. This means a measurement or outlining factors which make your business successful.

Excel dashboard software therefore is a table or graph in the excel which will show all the relevant and useful information regarding KPI’s. They are very effective as they can provide platform to measure success rate of business.

Features of KPI

  • To make effective budget precise and relevant information related to certain products and departments are needed.
  • It helps in providing updated information regarded a certain department.
  • The KPI related to sale growth can show the raise or downfall of sales volume.
  • The senior management as well as project managers can assess the sales performance of a specific product of company.



  • It is more beneficial as it can show the senior management the output in sales from each marketing team therefore helping those making effective decisions.
  • Supervisors over individual marketers can also view the information giving penalties and bonuses as per person.
  • Dashboard spreadsheet reporting template are useful as management can see whether the marketing strategies and plans are working successfully or not.
  • Change of plans can be made on time saving time and efforts of marketing team.
  • More effective marketing plans can be made.
  • It shows financial position of business to its stake holders therefore they can make investment decisions more wisely.

Microsoft excel as KPI Dashboard

Different types of templates are available in excel for this purpose however a basic template for sales growth can be showed through pie chart.Different colors can be used for targeted sales and sales achieved.

For incremental sales bar chart can be used again with different colors for different marketing strategies. A top should however contain details regarding specific color. Working capital that is the present financial stage of company can also be show through bar chart.

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