Billing software’s and templates are becoming more and more common nowadays to make tracking and managing money easy. Money management is not only requires in business in fact it is also requires in house. Monthly expenses can track effectively by creating a template to show the expenses and amount of money spend on these expenses. Excel is also useful and important to prepare monthly bills.

Supporting and tracking clients can be made possible in large business empires due to this template. Keeping up to date accounts is possible without effort and record keeping documents can attach with client’s accounts.

Format of Monthly Billing Invoice Template

Timely decisions can be taken only if a accountant and managers in the business is informes of recent financial transactions occurres in business. Cash inflows and cash out flows can be analyze quickly. Preparing a billing invoice template can ease out these processes.

Monthly Billing Invoice Tracking Template

  • Company name and address is mention on the top of sheet.
  • 9 columns must for a specific template in Microsoft excel.
  • The first two columns must hold information of invoice number and invoice date.
  • The next column must hold heading customers which usually show all the customers of business.
  • Template must hold headings of due date, amount due, total paid, age, outstanding and status.

Benefits of Monthly Billing Template

One of the basic purposes of this template is having estimates of revenue earning power of the business. Financial planning and strategies can identify easily. Inflow amount in the company helps in detecting current financial position on the company alongside with expenses.

Customers which have balance due can be send notice in friendly or harsh manner depending on the age of transaction made. Reliable customers can outline. Sales amount and other key indicators can help. It helps in providing timely information which is requires to make functional decisions.


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