Different priorities and tasks are set by company owner for it company according to the owner desire and type of company. However a platform which shows quick review about the company performance in any certain field is important. Executive dashboards therefore save time by showing a quick review about the updated happenings in the company. Its template is designed in excel by professionals well aware of business objective.

Various types of dashboards are available which is chosen by company according to it kind. Viewing reports to make effective decisions is considered important as decisions made on precise data ensure more productivity.

[alert-success]portfolio Dashboard Spreadsheet[/alert-success]

portfolio Dashboard Spreadsheet

Format of Executive Dashboard Template

Improving employee efficiency is effective for specific project as well as for overall health of organization which can be improved by designing a template matching the company type. It can be professionally designed as people at different levels use it.

Executive Dashboard Template

  • Key indicators must be decided before creating it.
  • New improved decisions can be made.
  • It may outline internet KPI’s showing internet revenue earned and growth in customer base.
  • Financial KPI’s show operating profit, operating expenses, return on assets and therefore the net profit.
  • Sales KPI’s show product gross profit margin, expense to revenue ratio and the revenue earned.

Analytical Dashboard

These dashboards spreadsheet are designed by professionals to show the trends and happenings in the past. In case of launching a new product a company wants to see its earnings ratio in the last month. Therefore this dashboard shows performance in a limited time span. This is helpful to make new decisions or to improve existing one.

Operational Dashboard

As the name show this dashboard is usually designed to make short term decisions therefore they are designed by keeping daily operations of business in mind. They are usually useful for supervisors in department which make operational decisions. They need to be kept updated all the time.


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