Bank deal with multiple documents however the major slips which a account holder deals is deposit slips and bank withdrawal slips. They are required at the time of taking money out of account or reducing the balance of account.

Banks play a fundamental role in economic growth and development of country as well as for its population. It helps in providing aid to individuals in form of loans for multiple purposes as well as buying automobiles on installments. It is difficult to keep money secure at home therefore individuals preferred to keep them in banks.

Format of Bank Withdrawal Slip

  • One of the reasons of depositing money in the bank by individual is for saving.
  • However in need of money he needs to fulfill his need by withdrawing money from account.
  • Banks need to keep their systems fully updated as well as financial information of account.
  • An account holder may desires to know his account balance any time.
  • These slips act as a record.
  • An accountant may need theses slips at the end of financial period to maintain accounts efficiently.
  • These slips are also useful if asked by account holder about his money in the account.

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Microsoft word template for bank withdrawal slips

The specifications of withdrawal differs in different banks however the main information present on these slips are same. Mostly businesses prefer template for withdrawal rather than using slips as it is easy to maintain and organized these templates. They are always kept as backup data and can be used to update accounts as accounts information is also kept on electronic media nowadays.

The basic withdrawal template in word consists of bank logo and name on the top. The type of slip that is withdrawal slip is also mentioned on top. Account number and name of account holder need to be filled. Date on which withdrawal is made should be mentioned. Amount need to be withdrawn should be mentioned.

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