Looking for classic sale deed templates? Different formats have been adopted to create theses templates for you. Sale deed of vehicle and sale deeds of flats are also available for free which can be downloaded by you. Once you have taken the selling decision of your asset you are required to adopt strategies which ensure getting good market price of your asset. Real estate shops and dealers are required to take responsible steps to ensure effectively carrying out this operation.

To enjoy satisfaction of the parties involved in selling and buying of specific property sale deeds are formulated by property agencies or they are now downloaded and taken in printable form from the internet where sample sale deeds are frequently added holding information of both parties and the property.


Format of Sale Deed Template

  • The name of both parties involved.
  • Name of father, age, occupation and current residence as well as permanent address is added in the template.
  • Information of the property as well as the address of property is stated.
  • Witnesses of the sale are added.
  • Total amount of the property and commission amount is added.
  • Terms of possession is mentioned.

Filename: Format of Sale Deed Template

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Format of Sale Deed of Vehicle

Second hand automobiles are purchased for personal use or to earn money as a business therefore sale deed template is required to make the selling of specific vehicle effective. Details of both parties are added as well as the details of the vehicle. Condition of the vehicle and total amount payable is mentioned in the template.

Sale Deed Format for Shop

Shops are bought for business purpose however it is important to add the terms relating to possession of shop preventing any sort of cheating or multi possession cases. Commission amount is also added in the template as well as the details of the shop. Sale deed templates of various formats and styles are frequently added here.

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