Invoiced are printed out whenever a financial transaction is carried out. It show the items or services availed by person for which he is being charged. Taxi bill is charged to customers when they avail the taxi service. Format of this bill is different in various templates and can be chosen by taxi providing company or taxi driver. Bills formed in Microsoft word are however simple but useful.

Bills Are not only generated at personal level in fact bills are common in business operations. Different types of transport services are available for passengers nowadays like buses, trains and vegans. However cab service is generating fame due to its ease of use as well as fast medium for travel.

Format of Taxi Bill In Microsoft Word

Fare charged to customers who are availing cab services is mainly on the basis of distance travelled. However when paying out money a taxi bill must be provided to customers therefore they can view the detail of the charges. A template designed for taxi bill in Microsoft word must include:

Format of Taxi Bill in Word Form

  • Trip number
  • Date when the travel is made
  • Timing details like when the travel was started and time when it is accomplished
  • Charges per hour
  • Distance travelled usually in miles
  • Destination as well as starting point
  • Fare
  • Tip
  • Tax
  • Net amount calculated on basis of all these amounts

Significance of Taxi Bill

A taxi bill shows all the important details regarding a trip to both customer and driver. People who focus on recording evidenced documents can keep these bill slips. When travelling to same destination again they can see the amount which they have to pay.

Companies focused on having feedback from the customers they can view the comments about any trip on fair basis. Taxi driver can be rewarded and penalized more effectively. Customers have the confidence that they are paying right amount for the trip.

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