Are you running a car or big enterprise both of which need dashboard to provide quick and exact information about thing you are running? Dashboard is a system which provides useful and precise information. Spreadsheet in excel is actually a table or sheets made in Microsoft excel to use for some specific purpose.

Dashboard spreadsheet in excel is therefore a process of making a sheet in Microsoft excel to provide precise and relevant information regarding a business. Just think you are driving a car and you want to know some information regarding vehicle like the fuel used and speed of car therefore in the same way it is used for business.

Features of Spreadsheet

  • To make a good budget plan for a business as well as implementing it a relevant information is needed for it.
  • It helps in making efficient decisions regarding industry.
  • Smart decisions are based on specific information regarding some matters which is obtained through portfolio dashboard template.


  • Project managers can make working plans to complete projects on time by using information.
  • Everyone in the business can have access to information require by them keeping everyone updated and on the same track.
  • Board of directors need relevant information regarding some matters instead of raw data therefore it is also effective there to make faster decisions.

How to make Dashboard Sheet in Excel

Excel sheets are very useful in this regard due to their flexibility. The data cannot be incorporated in excel directly however it can be pasted in sheet of excel or the sheet providing data can be directly linked to excel spreadsheet.

However next important step is organizing data. A person should try not to use formulas in sheet to avoid any error and to use charts for smarter decisions. At the end reports must be designed in way understandable for users at each level.


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