Work breakdown as the name implies is the division of final work into basic tasks done by team member of a project or by employees. Create excel structure is therefore a spreadsheet showing detail of these tasks and each stage of work breakdown completely.

It is very useful in middle of project or anytime when a project manager is assessing project stage. It is therefore a table which outlines tasks and objectives of project calculating cost and allocation of resources in effective manner. It is not sometime easy to make however difficulty in the starting stage prevents more difficulties in the future.

Benefits of Creating

  • To make a effective budget and working according to that budget results in success therefore it is one of the key critical table for project success.
  • Working at each stage of project accurately means achieving of desired objective.
  • Sometime people consider it time consuming in the beginning ignoring it however during working on certain project they may get stuck in middle due to missing of critical information and objective.
  • At this stage again WBS project planning is a solution outlining missing goals and therefore making of schedule in a way to achieve desired result.
  • It develops a sense of responsibility in team members to complete objectives before time.
  • Importance of team working as well as cooperation between team is moralized.

Steps in Creating WBS in Microsoft Excel

Different types of templates are offered in Microsoft excel therefore it is a choice of mostly all type of businesses whether they are small or large scale business. A person making Work breakdown in excel must mention company name, specific department name and finally the project name on the top as header.

Deadline date of project should also be mentioned. A project name should also mention in column and then the final deliverable activities which should be completed to achieve main objective of the project. Details related to activities must also be mentioned to make a flow less table.

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