To spot out flaws in certain stage of project is important to avoid wastage of precious resources thereby reducing avoidable cost. However to analyze and spot it and to correct it detailed information regarding a process is required. Interactive dashboards are therefore based on idea to give the detailed information regarding any indicator of the business to its user, this dashboard template is therefore designed in professional manner in Microsoft excel.

Just imagine a contact center selling number of products however information regarding one product is required in detail. Therefore a reporting dashboard using table, chart and graphical diagrams which reflect product performance in the detailed way can be showed on interactive dashboard.

Format of Interactive Dashboard Template

To improve efficiency of employees it is important to consider their current stage therefore targets can be assigned for them more efficiently. Creating a dashboard to show detailed information regarding a certain process can be carried out in Microsoft excel. A template with multiple but fundamental elements is difficult however one decided it can be created easily.

Elements to include in call center dashboard can be:

Project Management Dashboard Sample:

  • Top customers by sales
  • Top representatives by sales
  • Sales and calls by months
  • Call duration distribution
  • Customer information individually

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Business Insight

A table which shows the detailed insight of any particular item in the business cycle is important. When it comes to call center reviewing current position of the agents and the call center is important. It can be viewed whether the target has been achieved by agents or are working towards it.

Regional Performance

It is important to consider areas where one product is making more business while other is making no business at all. It helps in spotting the difference which is causing this trend. This helps in making more effective plans as they are set on predictable basis. Real time information related to specific employee is also important to reward or penalized him.


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    1. Yousuf Imran Ali

      Hi Sir,
      I looking for excel file with dash board.
      requirement is when i received the order from client, i enter in excel which contains below informations:
      Customer Name
      SO No
      PO No
      Fig No
      Item Code
      Item Desc
      Size MM
      Exchange Rate
      Ordered Qty
      T. Value (FC)
      T. Value (LC)

      Now from this when i arrange delivery to client i minus that much qtys and i will get balance qty.
      these information i need on dashboard by having information by client wise , items wise and bal qty value etc

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    I love the way its customized and content captured along with dynamic view. I would request if you could share this template as well few more templates which will help me in my operations.
    Thanks in advance

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    Please send me the interactive dashboard template. It looks really good and useful. I think it would be enormously useful for our operational work. Thank you!

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