Multiple Project Tracking Template Excel

Specialized persons in your firm is able to make project tracking easy as efficient project manager can easily target the issue before it actually occurs using selected template for the purpose. IT project management certification program eligibility and benefits are also added here so that you can easily select a specific area of management for you, if you are interested in the field. Project tracking template can both be availed when you are using any specific software of it can easily get free of cost using MS tools.

If you are already an experienced person as project manager in any kind of industry whether in the clothing factory of if you are a part of toy factory, you are aware of the problems and issues which require specialized training programs and techniques. All of this can be shown in the template added here.

Project Tracking Template Format:

Although, software’s for the purpose are listed here as well as they reviews but the popular templates utilized for the purpose are mentioned here:

  • Word template: best practices and actions can be taken if you are using MS word template for the purpose. You are able to add image for the specific stage and if your project lack that, it must be noticed immediately.
  • Excel charts for project tracking: drastic changes are already being made in excel tool added here as charts which can be seen, saves your time by making your realizing the facts about the project.
  • PowerPoint: using slides can be useful as critical points can otherwise affect the success of project.

Filename: “Multiple Project Tracker”

File Size: 19 Kb

File Format: Ms Excel(xlsx)

Template Type: Advance (Free)

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Importance of project tracking template

What if you are not able to identify what percentage has already been completed? And what is the time already used for it?  You must able to track what resources are free therefore they can be utilized instantly. This all is possible through checking and downloading project tracking template sheet added here.

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