Specialized persons in your firm are able to make project tracking easy as an efficient project manager can easily target the issue before it actually occurs using a selected template for the purpose. IT project management certification program eligibility and benefits are also added here so that you can easilyContinue Reading

Rent is basically a fixed amount of money paid by a resident living in a certain place to landlord of that place for using his place for living or business. Receipt is a slip which shows the amount of money being paid by a person. In combined form rent receiptContinue Reading

Mis is basically a contraction of management information system. Management is the act or process of coordinating actions to control employees and to achieve targeted output. Information system is the use of technology mainly computers in a way to create and distribution of data and also to send information. ManagementContinue Reading

It is important to record each and every details of the specific driver employed in the transport company therefore truck logbook can be viewed by manager or owner. Template for the purpose can be downloading from this website. Daily vehicle inspection sheet template is also available here for the purpose ofContinue Reading

If you want to learn about the risk percentage, you can easily calculate with help of family tree as it shows family medical background and medical issues faced in the past. Templates of different types are therefore added here to help you out. Exercise and weight lose charts can alsoContinue Reading

Managing issues in the business is required for effective operations and to prevent more problems to arise in the business and posing a threat to company. Detecting open items in the business is effective practice and recording them is required by every business. Selecting a template to fulfill the functionContinue Reading

Are you looking for sample police report template? Police officers in different designations enjoy different sort of protocol and therefore the power assigned to them is also different. However they all have the basic responsibility of providing safety to local inhabitants providing them relaxation by carrying out their job inContinue Reading

Recognizing loopholes and flaws in working processes reduce uncertainty and prevent situation when deadline of project is reached without completing jobs require in project. Creating short term and long term plans for company about a project is responsibility of project managers. However making realistic plans is possible by using projectsContinue Reading