Personal Family Medical Health Record Worksheet Excel

To enjoy healthy lifestyle in developed and fast world around us regular exercise, balanced diet plays a structural role in order to keep record personal health plan or personal medical health care templates are available to keep your self out of worries from health issues.

To decrease chances of suffering with certain disease or to come across any severe condition caused by any sickness medical records are consider essential as they provide information to the person about medical treatments taken by them in the past and also show records of medical healthcare bodies visited by person. Personal worksheet for any purpose can be prepared in Microsoft excel.

Having all the information at one sheet help person in making functional decisions which ensure good health of a person. Sometime family is suffered with some specific medical problem. To ensure regular checkups timely this template sheet is useful.

Personal Medical Template Example 2

personal health record template

Create a Personal Health Record Worksheet

When a person is visiting a particular health body he need lab results, X ray reports, blood and urine reports in some cases are considered important and necessary for doctor to check current medical condition of the person to prescribe medicines for him.

Personal Health Record Sheet Template Example 1:

Personal Health Record Worksheet


Using electronic media especially Microsoft excel for the purpose ensure cost effective solution for individuals.

A particular sheet shows personal details of a person like his name, gender, marital status, age, date of birth, emergency contact number, phone number and email address of a person.

A table with column headings must be chronic conditions, health factors, allergies and other.

A table with heading doctor visits must enlist date, doctors visited, medication, duration of medication and also the results must be created.

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Purpose of Health and Medical Templates

To have an idea when a next visit is required is difficult to memorize especially when person is having burden of multiple jobs therefore this sheet provides a person with this information.

He can prepare his schedules in a manner to ensure enough time for the day when a medical visit is planned. Medicines can be prescribed for him easily by the doctors.

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