Accomplishment of project from its initial stage is quite a complicated process. However for prosperity of business and to maximize profit earning opportunities for business it is necessary to complete projects on time. It also results in distinctive position of business and brand name in the market.

Project managers use different project management and performance evaluation techniques to ensure completion of project on time. One of them is Pert Charts which project evaluation and reviewing technique. Its Excel Template consists of information regarding project. Pert charts are also available in other Software’s.

Benefits of Pert Template

  • Controlling: different control techniques are adopted by project managers to ensure their team members is working according to plan.
  • Estimating: estimation is important component of project management.
  • A project manager needs to estimate tasks and time allocation for them. Resource allocation is another important focusing point of managers.


  • Activity: project main objective is sliced in subtasks which are given to project team and milestones are set for each task.
  • Activity analysis is another key responsibility of project manager therefore pert charts available is very useful for this analysis.
  • Outcome: to manage and organizing activities from different departments is beneficial for efficient completion of project on time.
  • it aids in better decision making process by outlining resources and limiting factors through charts.

Excel Template Software for Pert

One of the major roles of project manager is to visualize project. Visualization process is carried out by outlining different resource availability and environment. This can be easily done through excel template.

It consists of flow diagram showing link between tasks. Pert chart is especially useful when project manager is dealing with large project. Managing and evaluating tasks in this type of project is more complicated than dealing with a smaller project. Excel can be used in meeting rooms also to reduce communication gap between management and project team.

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