Land purchase is due to residential need or for investment purpose. Sample deed Form with specific format in Microsoft word is prepared which is compatible with the country legal law. Whether a person is business man or doing a job saving practices result in having a saved amount in the account to make investment however when making an investment person focus on various factors before making a investment decision.

When making a investment major point of focus is whether a investment is for short term basis or long term basis. Buying a land in vacant areas mean making a investment on long term as development needs time. Short term investment usually focuses on making investment in some other area rather than buying a land.

Format Of Land Sale Purchase Form:

Buying a land is not easy as it involves a particularly large amount of money therefore when making a deal a legal document consisting of all the important details should be prepare to help both parties later. It can prepare in Microsoft word consisting on details like:

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Land Sale Purchase Form

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  • First part consists of agreement to sale and purchase. It shows the details about property like lot, block, and addition.
  • City, country and the full address of the property is also a part of this.
  • Sales price: it consists of all the contents making up the sale price. Purchase price, earnest money, new loan, assumption of loan and therefore the total amount is shown.
  • Property condition is also described like the development related to water and gas whether they are provided or not.

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To keep away from any fraud to suffer by any party this document is prepared. The document must be authenticated and prepared on a format followed in the city and country. In case of any legal trouble this shows a possession of land by one party. If a person desire to apply for a loan to make a house on the selected property he need a document to proof that he is a owner of the land.

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