If you are a person in the business that wants to overview a project or wants to know the specification of project you need project dashboard software to do it.

Dashboard in the simpler words is a table showing important information regarding a project. Project software in more exact terms is a template in computer consisting of project tasks outline and working processes accordingly.

Project dashboard software therefore is a template showing key information of a company relating to accounts that are financial matters or relating to project. It is therefore a tool which can provide information to managers or stakeholders.

Features of Dashboard for a Business

  • It is important for successful completion of project.
  • Company make budgets before start working on projects therefore they will not be in pause mode in middle stage.
  • Managers as well as accountants can review the current stage of company take steps necessary at that point.
  • For effective decision making process current stage of company cannot be ignored.
  • To make good budgets which can be followed during production cycle error free data is needed.

  • A data can be more precise and therefore helps in better management decisions.
  • Proper updated data in relevant form means effective planning and working condition of project and output of products.
  • It prevents failure of company when launching a new product due to determining of market trend before launching new product.
  • Payments from suppliers can be asked in case of money shortage.

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Microsoft Excel Template for Project Dashboard

To make accurate and effective decisions a dashboard must consists of error free information and must be updated regularly.

A main benefit of excel template is that it can be easily modified and updated for new projects or for existing one without making a new sheet each time. A template therefore will shows project name as well as objectives and priorities can be set for these objectives as high or low and medium showing importance of specific tasks.

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