Project status is basically the stage of project, the tasks already completed and the remaining tasks left. Dashboard software typically shows the exact information regarding on-going project in more tabulated and exact form which is understandable for all users.

It is very useful software as it provides an overall picture of project as well as improving communication between senior management and middle management which is an important aspect of successful business. If you want to be project head that has insight of entire project, the working procedures as well as main objective then you need project status dashboard template.

Portfolio and Project Management Dashboard Software

Overall picture
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Before making a good dashboard a person should outline the contents of dashboard to save time and effort in future. Project tasks and overall objectives should be listed. Activities as well the hindrance causing factors should be outlined and most importantly the project due date and deadline to ensure its completion before time.

Incorporating data

The next step towards creating dashboard is put data in sheet. It is a time consuming process and should be done patiently to avoid errors in data which can later disturbs the calculation.

Purpose of project status dashboard

  • It improves the discussion process between senior management and middle management.
  • Problems facing by project team members may require attention of stake holders for a major chance therefore it can be done by project managers.
  • Priorities set as high, medium and low helps the management in effective manner as project managers can tell the team members which tasks and activities should be given preference.
  • This ensures project completion before deadline.

[alert-success]Example Of Status Report Template[/alert-success]

Project Status Report Example # 1 Project Status Report Example # 2

Microsoft Project Template:

Mostly businesses deal with multiple projects at time therefore they need a template which can offer a solution in complex situation.

Microsoft project template is very helpful in this regard and bar charts as well as pie chart with different colors can be used. It is therefore easy to understand for each user and effective decisions can be made according to the chart.

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