Are you tire of manual things to do? here is “auto generate” and easy to manage “salary slip”. Which is an important document especially for HR department. Just just need to know about basic structure & “salary slip format in excel“. They struggle with work and tasks assigned to them to get the salary the month end. The pay slip format in Excel is different for various types of business; as some are related to product selling while other are associated in service providing business. narlıdere escort
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Are you a guardian of your family who is responsible of maintaining expenses of each member of family as well as supporting them financially? Yes or no you are at least responsible for your own self and the expenses made by you.

Specification – Salary Slip Format:

A person works and carries out assign tasks to him for amount of money.

Result of person hard work in an entity.

It shows the person designation in job.

A proof of money receive by employee.

It prevents any cheating cases and fights later between employer and employee.

When a person apply for loan in bank the bank need financial proof before granting loan ensuring that it returns by person from his salary.

It helps in giving a rough idea about financial condition of a employee.

In case of joining new jobs it useful, sometime as a proof that he was earning this much amount in previous job.

Basic Structure of Salary Slip:


How to prepare salary slip

Content of Wage Slip:

Basic Salary

The main information generated from salary slip is basic salary of a person. It is fix salary as the agreement shows which owe by employee at the end of month.

Living allowance

It is composed of some amount to employee by an employer so that he can live in specific house or apartment. In some cases living place is made available by company then there is no rent allowance.

Travelling allowance

Some amount of money added in pay slip is convenience allowance which employer gives to worker so that he can travel to office from his house. In some cases petrol amount also includes, which is important as employee per month.

Medical allowance

Various good companies try to offer medical allowance to their employee’s to guarantee their sincerity with company. In case of any medical sickness or problem faced by employee the expense is bear by the company.

Overtime allowance

It is amount of money to worker in case of overwork done by him for specific project or overall. The amount of overtime work differs from basic payment.

Bonus given

In case of efficient performance by the worker incentive and bonus to him in some cases.

Salary deduction

Due to different leaves taken by employee from employer results in salary deduction.

Microsoft Excel for Salary Slip

Payroll software help in managers as well as accountants therefore making them in effective manner is important. Microsoft excel is excellent choice for this.

A basic salary slip shows employee’s personal information separately, then the salary details in table. basic salary and additions to salary mention individually from the deductions in salary.

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