Sample Police Report Template Format

Are you looking for sample police report template? Police officers in different designations enjoy different sort of protocol and therefore the power assigned to them is also different. However they all have the basic responsibility of providing safety to local inhabitants providing them relaxation by carrying out their job in responsible manner. Reporting purpose is carried out everywhere whether it a business, firm, institution or police department. However to write and prepare reports in a manner following the format laid by specific state government is important.

Reports are prepared in businesses to keep some senior member informed of the latest happening in a particular project as well as to informed of recent results observed by implementing some new working technique in the business. Police reports are prepared with the same purpose.

Sample Police Report Template:

Times of the year when mostly everyone is engaged in enjoying events are Christmas, New Year night, end celebrations and other public holidays. Everyone is focused on entertainment rather than safety therefore police duty become tough as focusing is required everywhere.  To prepare functional reports:

  • The report should be prepared instantly as it ensures every minor and major information to be record.
  • Missing out any lead may cause the investigation to become complicated.
  • Basic details should be added in the report like date of occurrence, place as well as the name of the person preparing it.
  • Subject outlining the crime is mentioned which is followed by details of the crime.
  • Actions taken and planned are also mentioned in these reports.

Sample 1 : Police Report Template

How to write police report

Advantages of Effective Police Report

A report can be prepare by everyone but effective report can only be prepared by person who is aware of fact that how should it be prepared, who is going to use it therefore word template is usually adopted to prepare a report. Adding massive amount of data make the report ineffective as adding the data which is important and have a link to report must be mentioned. It helps in identifying steps need to be taken during investigation cycle. You can get free copy of sample police report template prepared in Ms word can be customized according to your need.

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