Click here for several stock take spreadsheets having enough columns for easy recording in excel templates. Clothing stocktaking and restaurant inventory and beverage management is also easy if you download one of these templates. Why stock taking templates are downloaded or what are the uses linked with stocktaking? What are the results of the shortage of the stock or what are the effects of the production delays?

Interruptions in the operations are the basic negative impact causing project incompletion, obvious gap in the schedule designed and causing variance in the costs and time. If you are dealing with inventory items rapidly showing difference in the demand and supply of items in the market they can be well managed and availability of these items in the store is ensured.

Stock Take Spreadsheet Templates in Excel

  • List: items in the inventory are listed with their name in the stock take sheet.
  • Inventory id and description of inventory items are showed up in first two columns.
  • Write unit price/price per kg, quantity in store, reorder level, and reorder time in days in other columns.
  • Quantity in reorder and discontinued items are added in last columns.
  • Total value of specific item in stock is calculated.

Stock takes template spreadsheet free

If the store of your company is holding multiple numbers of items like a store of the specific departmental store holds snacks and their boxes in different parts of the store can be reviewed quickly as area of the store holding the specific item is showed up in this template. Item required is therefore instantly found.

Filename: “Food-stocktake-template”

File Size: 20 Kb

File Format: Ms Excel(xlsx)

Template Type: Advance (Free)

Download File: Link

Author Name: John Mathew (

Filename: “Beverage-stocktake-template”

File Size: 19 Kb

File Format: Ms Excel(xlsx)

Template Type: Advance (Free)

Download File: Stock Inventory

Author Name: John Mathew (

Get Free stock take template

If you are running a cloth making industry you are aware of the different items and materials required to prepare a specific t shirt or pent. Colors and the fabric is required in different amount as dependent on the likeness of the customers therefore reordering quantity is accurate if you are downloading one of the stock take spreadsheet template from this webpage.


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