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Terms for published content

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  • You can use the information for general purpose.
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Permitted use

Using the published information on the website can be used for personal purposes. Our team members are continuously engaged in process of figuring out if someone has wrongly used the information provided on our website. Unauthorized use and distribution of data mentioned in any form on our website may indulge you in legal penalties.

Avoid abusing language

While discussions and comments are added after articles and news avoid abusive and disturbing language. Refrain from engaging in strict discussions leading to fights and pushing yourself and others to pass on harsh comments. Use decent and correct vocabulary is emphasized.


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The content and other material published on our website is from the struggle of our team and the professional designers involved in our team however we are not taking any sort of responsibility if using the services and templates displayed on our website cause any sort of harm or damage to your business or fame of any company. If we find any term of use inappropriate we can change it informing or without informing our members.