Making strategic long term decisions for the company growth involves participation of persons at different positions however decisions made on updated information are more constructive and efficient. Dashboard spreadsheet template are prepared in excel for different departments in the company focusing on different areas. Its excel spreadsheet is therefore considered functional element to make important decisions.

Upper management or board members may want to know whets going inside the company in any particular department. If a company has launched new product some board member may want to know how product is performing in the market and whether it has attracted customers or still going in loss.

Format of Dashboard Spreadsheet Template

To build a professional and attractive dashboard Microsoft excels is considered a wonderful choice. Managers as well as people in the executive board have access to it keeping everyone on the same page.

Dashboard Spreadsheet Template

  • A basic template consists of various sections. A top heading is of financial KPI’s.
  • Financial performance can be viewed via charts and target can also be viewed.
  • Top ranked products making most profit for the company are also enlisted.
  • Products which at the bottom rank due to less profit or sales are also showed.

HR Dashboard

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Executive Dashboard Spreadsheet Template

It is important to monitor and to examine employee’s performance. It is fundamental to complete milestones effectively as set by managers. Employee’s can be awarded with financial benefits more effectively. Marketing plans can be made in way which makes products of company successful in the race of competitor’s products. Strategies which cause less expense however is useful can be outlined.


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Interactive Dashboard Template


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Gap Analysis Dashboard Template

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Restaurant Food Dashboard Template

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Employee Attendance Tracking Dashboard

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Restaurant Profit Loss Dashboards

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Event Schedule Planning Dashboard Template

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Monthly Meal Planner Dashboard

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Rental ans Sale Document Dashboard

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To Do List Checklist Dashboard Template

Financial Dashboard

To monitor performance of company regarding profit is important to make healthy decisions. Expenses which are variable can be avoided increasing profit earning capacity of the company. Processes and products which are making loss must be slow down or changes should be made to make profit from these products.


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