Recognizing loopholes and flaws in working processes reduce uncertainty and prevent situation when deadline of project is reached without completing jobs require in project. Creating short term and long term plans for company about a project is responsibility of project managers. However making realistic plans is possible by using projects management software’s like zoho project.

Making plans from data available ensure more constructive and working decisions to be identified. Making plans which cannot be followed is just wastage of time and resources therefore realistic plans are based on real information and data.


  • Reports in form of diagrams can be outlined and created.
  • They show a overview of the project in less span of time.
  • Workers under the project team which are engaged as well as free workers can be seen.
  • Jobs can be schedules more efficiently for workers.

Project chat

  • Discussion related to specific project is effective practice to identify issues and problems.
  • Ideas sharing and making schedules can be more realistic.
  • Skilled and suitable workers can be selected for particular job.
  • Important jobs and deadlines can be discussed among project manager and project team.

Calendar and meetings

  • Meetings are organized for project when it’s in initiation stage or in middle.
  • Training programs can be designed more efficiently and during the time which ensures no wastage of time by employees.
  • Dates set for completion of particular job can be viewed and in case of non accomplishment of certain job reason can be found and sorted out.

Issue tracking system

Gantt charts are available in this software which highlight all the key indicators of project in a bar graph form. Variance between the budgeted work and coast can be compared easily with actual expense incurred and the time. Solution of problems can be identified once the issues are tracked therefore tracking issues at right time is important to complete project on time. It helps in solving existing problems as well as avoiding situation when same type of issue occur later in same project or any other project.

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